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Company News >> OLED big gold look at the Chinese panel hero's business 22th,June,2017
                                          At present, the mainstream liquid crystal display technology in the market needs backlight module to provide light source, through the LCD, polarizer, filter and other links to achieve light and shade, image color control, and OLED is organic material directly after the power of light, Of the light source. Principle and structure differences, creating a OLED relative to the LCD with light, power, flexibility and other advantages, with the development of technology, OLED in the cost and life of the disadvantages are gradually resolved. In the context of the advantages have been highlighted, the disadvantage is to make up for the background, OLED technology is expected to achieve in the future to show the rapid penetration of the market.
                                Data show that in 2015 China's TV market, OLED products sold more than 40,000 units, and is expected in 2016 this data will jump to the level of 300,000 units, in addition, the display, smart phones, and emerging VR virtual reality market And so on, are full of expectations for the OLED, the relevant data research institutions said, OLED market has been in the outbreak of the night, the next decade OLED is expected to account for the total market share of 30% to 40%. Huge market space with endless appeal, OLED industry chain, all aspects of the manufacturers are conceal the excitement of the mood to prepare for a big mess.
                                What is the current pattern of OLED panel market? Samsung OLED panel supply market thriving, not only under the Apple 100 million a year a large single, but also to OPPO, VIVO and other domestic smart phone manufacturers to provide OLED panel; LG in order to focus on promoting OLED panel production, at the expense of several low efficiency Sony, Panasonic, JDI joint venture to establish JOLED company focused on OLED technology research and development and production ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...In the global giants such a heavy layout OLED display technology environment, the domestic BOE, deep Tianma, Huaxing photoelectric and other traditional LCD panel factory has begun to layout OLED production line, but the large-scale production capacity will be the first 2018 years ago, and Hui , Vincent Connaught and other manufacturers to scale production capacity also takes a long time, which means that the OLED industry lucrative, favorable layout of the best development period will be missed with the domestic enterprises, and after 2018, OLED production capacity To enhance the industry competition intensified, the price is bound to decline, play the role of catching up the Chinese enterprises will be how to own? In the case of BOE, 2014, 2016, the cumulative investment of 46.5 billion yuan in Chengdu in the construction of 6-generation line production LTPS / AMOLED panel, the 6-generation line to achieve mass production time plan in 2018; and early in 2011 BOE has invested 2.2 billion AMOLED panel production line in Erdos, and mass production in 2016. You can see the panel on behalf of the huge investment, the construction period is very long, smooth production and generate income for a long time, investment risk can be seen. And learn from Beijing Oriental China's panel manufacturers are not a few ... ...
                               Speaking of a story here, the desert road, a Jew built a gas station, and a Jew in the next to establish a hotel, and a Jew to build a supermarket, and ultimately they have made money; and the same is Desert road next to a Chinese people to establish a gas station, and a Chinese people to see, but also the establishment of a gas station, and then a Chinese people, or the establishment of a gas station, the last three people did not make money ... ...
                               Of course, have chosen to build hotels and supermarkets of the Chinese people, such as in the OLED industry upstream, Xi'an Rui Lian, Jilin Austrian, and so has become an important supplier of liquid crystal monomer industry, customer companies, including Samsung, LG and other industry giants; Driven by the chip industry, Zhongying Electronics is also an influential brand in the industry ... ... OLED upstream materials mainly for the cathode, anode, transport layer of materials, light-emitting layer of materials, due to OLED upstream materials, high technical barriers, market competition is small, profit High level of future OLED upstream material profitability is expected to remain at a high level.
                               OLED become the era of mainstream display technology is almost a foregone conclusion, to speed up the layout to meet the industry outbreak of the idea of ​​growth is absolutely correct, but can not be avoided and differentiated, can not be involved in the industry to obtain technology and scale advantages, then for enterprises, The greater the risk, the bigger the gold, even in the face of OLEDs.
                                Finally, we look at a news, Canon Tokki for the world's largest "vacuum evaporation equipment" plant, the device is equivalent to the heart of the OLED panel production line, the current annual production capacity of only a few, due to Japan and South Korea, Taiwan, the Mainland and other major OLED Producing areas of the sprinkling of the order, resulting in delivery to wait for several years. Even if the same standing in the outlet, but also want to fly higher, longer


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