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Company News >> Saving power LCD LCD technology to enter the IoT application 31th,July,2017
                                        Electronic paper display power-saving advantages, so that its success and LCD (LCD) display differences in the application of things on the outstanding performance. Even e-book reader is still the main application of electronic paper technology products, but in recent years to the technology-based electronic shelf labels, luggage electronic labels, electronic billboards, etc., has gradually become the growth of electronic paper display Kinetic energy source. Electronic paper power-saving features, is its entry into the Internet of things the largest cost.
Yuet-tai, senior manager of product marketing, said the company never intended to use electronic paper to replace the LCD display, because the electronic paper has many features and LCD is very different, it is difficult to replace each other. For example, electronic paper on the innate response speed than the LCD slow, so quite suitable for playing video and other dynamic content. However, the electronic paper is a reflective display technology, itself does not need to backlight, so in the indoor environment into this part, you can achieve very good results, and can save the power consumed by the backlight.
Not only that, electronic paper does not refresh the screen, it is completely no power. When the electronic paper display is in a quiescent state, the picture is still content, not black. This makes the industry in the space design, atmosphere to create, with high value, there are already parts of the world's supermarkets, restaurants, art galleries, shelters and other operators, the use of electronic paper technology in their environment, the display of the Characteristics, promoters will only need to do the message adjustment when the screen to refresh, and will not use too much digital resources, resulting in unnecessary cost loss.
Liang to further that the current smart home monitors are mostly used LCD, such as flat, mobile phones, etc., in order to save power, the screen must be used in the moment, will light up, do not use the screen when the screen is black, when the guests Into the home, often can not directly identify the use of the device. However, in the intelligent home of the intelligent reference design, the electronic paper power and display characteristics, so that in a static state, you can easily identify the use of equipment, and aesthetic even better than the LCD display.
In addition, the luggage brand RIMOWA will be electronic paper technology, electronic tags (Electronic Tag) way embedded in their luggage, and then to achieve a new business model of things. Users through the development of the airline APP, will be able to report directly to the mobile phone, reported to be completed, the phone will be through Bluetooth, the personal flight information sent to the trunk of the electronic label, so that the user arrived After the airport, only the baggage will be delivered to the network to the counter, you can quickly complete the reporting procedures abroad, eliminating the need for long queues waiting for the formalities of the time.
In this regard, Liang said that the aviation industry in the bar code (Bar-code) and other electronic labeling requirements on the very strict, and Yuan Tai is currently only meet the relevant provisions of the manufacturers, RIMOWA embedded electronic tag luggage since 2015 in Germany Published. Because such products and airlines with is very important, RIMOWA in December 2016 in Taiwan together with Evergreen Air co-published. In addition, RIMOWA this year, all the new suitcase products will be embedded electronic label.
Yuan Tai is also working with other manufacturers plug-in trunk electronic label, although the market is still not see the relevant products, but Liang said that this type of product will soon be officially launched.

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