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Company News >> LG display: Google investment OLED panel has not been a number of customers are interested 4th,August,2017
                                        According to Reuters reported on the 10th, due to the global mobile phone OLED screen supply tight, making the production of its own brand Pixel smart phone technology giant Google, plans for the South Korean office manufacturers LG Display (LGD) investment of more than one trillion won, Equivalent to the amount of 900 million US dollars, hope that the future of Google to get a stable OLED screen supply. After this news, 11, LGD immediately told this news that the Google investment, there is no final decision. Moreover, in addition to Google, there are a number of companies interested in investing in the OLED screen market.
According to the South Korean Herald reported that in the past the world's largest smart phone maker Apple, has been for upstream component suppliers to invest in order to obtain a stable supply of components. Therefore, Google to follow the same way to the relevant supply chain manufacturers to invest, this similar approach is not surprising. However, Google in 2016 launched by the HTC (htc) OEM Pixel own brand smart phone, the annual sales of only 500,000 only in the market, almost no much influence. So, Google is willing to invest in key components, it means that from the smart phone market, Google may be for Pixel to do something.
The report further pointed out that with the introduction of Apple's new phone series in 2017 Phone series for the first time using OLED screen, which will make the global mobile phone OLED screen with an unprecedented tight supply situation. At present, the Korean manufacturers Samsung LCD display almost accounted for more than 90% of the global mobile phone OLED screen production capacity to supply Samsung's own mobile phone needs, as well as large customers Apple's orders, almost no excess capacity can be provided to other customers.
So, Google to find another vendor LGD support, has become no other choice in the election. Even the current Chinese manufacturers, including BOE, Tianma Microelectronics and other companies already have the production capacity of OLED screen. But still lag behind the technical indicators in the two Korean manufacturers under the circumstances, will not be able to meet all the high-end mobile phone customers need.
In fact, in the OLED technology, LGD and Samsung display between the unparalleled. However, in the past LG too much emphasis on the use of large-size TV screen OLED screen, it appears in the mobile phone OLED screen supply capacity is insufficient. In mid-2016, LGD executives said publicly that LGD's investment in the field of mobile phone screen is clearly behind the competitors. Thus, in July 2016, LGD said it would invest $ 1.75 billion (about NT $ 53.62 billion) to increase the capacity of small-size OLED screens to meet the needs of smartphones and tablets.
According to the market survey agency said that from 2017 to 2018 between the mobile OLED screen market will show the situation in short supply. This will also affect many Chinese mobile phone manufacturers through the OLED screen, the product from low-level into the high-end areas of the transformation plan. In addition to LGD, including the Japanese display company (JDI), Sharp (SHARP) is also rapidly upgrading OLED production plan to meet the needs of large customers Apple.
So, although Google involved in OLED production has its needs, and the future of Google by Pixel smart phones into a variety of vertical industry also has its layout. However, in the current market under the circumstances of the seller's market, LGD does not necessarily only want to cooperate with Google. If the future, such as LGD said, there are a number of companies interested in investing in the case of OLED, the future development seems more worth the wait.

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