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Company News >> By LCD and OLED investment boom test electronic waves before the line 13th,Sep,2017
                                        R & D drive under the growth of outstanding ability of light, machine, electric flat panel display detection equipment manufacturers. With the development and introduction of precision, the formation of the current optical, mechanical, electrical integration of flat panel display detection equipment manufacturing capacity, covering the module, panel automation detection system, AOI optical detection system, OLED detection system and other main products, Group detection system is the company's most competitive products, and the company's AOI equipment usher in a great development, OLED equipment is the future potential. The company insisted on R & D drive, 2016 R & D expenses accounted for 16.7% of sales revenue, the company's sales revenue from 33.28 million yuan in 2011 to 2024 billion 524 million yuan, the compound growth rate of 73.56%, net profit from 13.75 million yuan Growth to 98.68 million yuan, the compound growth rate of 48.31%, driven by research and development under the company's outstanding ability.
LCD investment boom, OLED potential unlimited. The global flat panel display capacity to China's transfer trend is obvious, 2016 -2018 China is still in the BOE-led high-generation LCD investment boom, the total investment of 336.77 billion yuan, equipment market space 235700000000 yuan. OLED due to its excellent characteristics, in the flat panel display penetration continues to increase. 2016 - 2018 China OLED investment 211.8 billion yuan, equipment market space 143.8 billion yuan. LCD investment boom, OLED assists incremental market, 2016 - 2018 will be flat panel display equipment industry best times.
From the Module to the Array and Cell segment, open the market space twenty times. Precision test electronics in the Module signal detection equipment has an absolute advantage, downstream customers cover the major domestic flat panel display manufacturers. The company with AOI equipment to achieve the Array and Cell segment layout, the current Cell segment equipment has been competitive, Array equipment has just entered the future through the localization of alternative, is expected to open the market space twenty times.
OLED investment wave assists company high performance flexibility. OLED due to the current low yield, good testing equipment, the company in the OLED of the three processes have the appropriate technical reserves, and in the Cell and Module segment has begun to provide some customers prototype, the company seize the OLED opportunity, the depth of benefit OLED investment Wave, OLED equipment will assists the company's future high performance flexibility.

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