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Company News >> What is the difference between BOE 5-inch QLED display panel and OLED? 22th,Sep,2017
                                      The words are often used to describe two things that look exactly like they are completely different. QLED and OLED are a good model.
OLED is called Full-D-Light-Emitting-Diode, and QLED is called Quantum-Dot-Light-Emitting-Diodes. On the surface, both of the two The difference is that Organic and Quantum Dot, and in fact, the difference between the two almost a whole world.
Simply put, OLED is based on the principle of electroluminescence of organic matter, and QLED is based on inorganic electroluminescence (or photoluminescence) principle. Because of the thermal stability and chemical stability of inorganic materials and other indicators generally higher than organic matter, so theoretically, QLED light source stability and life expectancy and other key indicators stronger than OLED, which is some people think that QLED is more worth looking forward to the next generation Show the cause of the technology.
OLED and QLED are half-brothers
According to the previous statement, QLED is through the inorganic light LED, OLED is the organic light through the LED. Q and O are like their father, and the LED is their mother. LED - Light Emitting Diode, which contains positive and negative poles, and when the current flows from the positive to the negative, through the light emitting material in the diode, the current energizes it to release the light, and we see it - it is bright.

Diode circuit diagram (left) and LED lamp beads structure diagram (right)

QLED multi-layer structure diagram

Illustration of Discharge Light - emitting Process after Combination of Electron and Hole
OLED and QLED green out of blue and blue
Although the principle is based on the light-emitting diodes, but in the luminous efficiency, primitive density, color performance, energy control, etc., QLED screen and OLED screen are much stronger than the ordinary LED display screen. This is because the LED light bulb core light emitting device is an electroluminescent semiconductor chip, the manufacturing process is relatively simple.
Even the highest technology of the current high-density LED display (small pitch LED) can only do 0.7mm point spacing to iPhone7 mobile phone screen size calculation (138.3mm × 67.1mm), the screen resolution only 197 × 95, directly reduced to electronic form (Apple, Sony is committed to creating the Micro-LED technology process to follow the difficulty of OLED, QLED, commercial road far away, not here to discuss).
QLED and OLED preparation process, from the material to the equipment has a scientific research level of the specifications, so that can be involved in the upstream supply chain, only a few Germany, Japan, Korea and other countries, is entirely in the future black technology standards in the high Of the technical barriers in the steady progress, the effect is not necessarily "workshop" type of product comparable.

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