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Company News >> WitsView A-si panel prices fell 15% OLED steady 16th,Oct,2017
                                    Mobile phone panel this season into the traditional off-season, coupled with the cumulative offer last year has been large, the recent price pressure down. WitsView senior research associate Qiu Yubin pointed out that the largest decline in the first quarter of the amorphous silicon (A-si) panel, the estimated decline of about 15%, however, AMOLED panel prices are still stable.
Qiu Yubin said that in the first quarter of the mobile phone panel, mainly divided into high-end mobile phone use AMOLED panel, high-level use of LTPS (low temperature polysilicon) and low-grade use of amorphous silicon (A-si) panel; Into the mobile phone off-season, the factors affecting the price of the panel, in addition to the brand factory shipments adjustment, there are modules in the price rise in the case of more pressure spread, may reduce the pull goods.
He pointed out that the fourth quarter of last year, relatively high inventory, coupled with the demand in the first quarter of this year did not strong, the module is difficult to make the difference and other factors, the first quarter A-si panel prices fell by about 15%; as AMOLED panel Part of the estimated first quarter of this year, tight, the second quarter and the second half will have to observe the new Apple iPhone using AMOLED panel, Samsung's supply situation, the current point of view, stable prices in the first quarter flat.
As for the LTPS part, Qiu Yubin that the impact of price factors have three aspects, one in the AMOLED eroded swallow swallowed the squeeze of the new iPhone; Second, LTPS production capacity continued out, including AUO (2409-TW) Kunshan plant, to the group The third is from the A-si price pressure, due to last year's A-si rose about 1 times this year if the lower, LTPS to grab A-si market, then the difference between the two Will form a pressure to reduce the value of the proposed LTPS downside pressure in the first quarter to the second quarter will increase.
Qiu-bin said A-si panel prices rose about 1 year last year, the second half of last year, the third quarter rose 50%, but only 4% in the fourth quarter or more; LTPS prices relatively calm, the third quarter AMOLED gained nearly 20% in the third quarter and 10% in the fourth quarter. He pointed out that in the fourth quarter, except for AMOLED, other specifications were already at a high point Not on the go.
WitsView senior research manager Fan Bo Yu said that after the end of the first quarter of this year, mobile phone panel prices reversed the pressure rise, because last year the overall mobile phone panel market in short supply, the price to maintain strong growth strength, the next market adjustment time point, FHD machine Will depend on the new LTPS production capacity of the time, HD models depend on the Chinese panel factory officially use 8.5 generation line production mobile phone panel time, new capacity will be cast on the panel to cast new variables.
In the overall smart phone market growth momentum slowed down, AMOLED mobile phones in the market visibility is getting higher and higher, WitsView estimates, 2017 AMOLED mobile phone market penetration is expected to approach 30%, will continue to compress the traditional TFT-LCD space , So in the first quarter of 2017 after the end of the mobile phone panel market will gradually face the risk of oversupply, the price reversal pressure suddenly increased.
In the mobile phone panel prices under pressure, the legal worry that small and medium size panel factory CPT, Caijing profit fear will be compressed

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