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Company News >> Led black screen how to do? Solve the black screen of the LED display method
 Zhengzhou LED display using more and more wide, the streets of the advertising media LED display, traffic also used the LED display instructions. That daily life, LED display black, how should we solve it?
       1. Make sure that all hardware, including the control system, is fully powered up. (Note: +5 V, do not reverse, then wrong)
       2, check and confirm that the serial cable used to connect the controller is loose or off the phenomenon. (LED display manufacturers recommend: if the process of loading black, it is likely that because of this cause, that is, during the communication process due to loose communication line and interrupted, so the screen black. Do not think that the display body is not moving, the line It can not be loosened, please check it out, which is important for you to quickly solve the problem.
       3, check and confirm the connection LED display and the main control card connected to the HUB distribution board is tightly connected, is inserted.
       4, please check and confirm the connection between the letter control card and HUB distribution board between the 50-core cable is loose or plug the phenomenon.
       5, if your display interface definition and provided HUB board does not match the black screen will appear, please re-check your jumper whether there is loosening, breaking or short circuit phenomenon. If you think that ABCD and other signals have been one by one correspondence, please check the OE signal is connected correctly. (LED display manufacturers strongly recommend using the display interface with the definition of matching HUB distribution board)
       If you have mastered the above points, and usually encountered in the LED display black screen "fault" was handy. I believe your business feedback on the customer over the problem, to deal with properly. The more natural life is happier. The above experience to share with you, hope to help you a hand.
       Through the above points, I believe we have a certain understanding of LED display maintenance and mastery, whether it is the maintenance staff of the mall, or the maintenance of the staff, when the case of the time, I believe can be easy Handle it well.

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