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Company News >> Glory 9 youth version debut: 5.65-inch full screen blessing
Huawei's full screen new machine strategy continues, and following the glory of 7X, Nova2S, Mai Man 6, Mate10, Glory V10, its another 18: 9 full screen mobile phone will come, and it is the glory of the previous exposure 9 youth Version. Now Ministry of Industry official website has been updated, model LLD-TL10 / AL00 / AL10 three glory new machine has been fully publicized, but they should be glory 9 youth version. It is indeed equipped with 18: 9 full screen, fingerprint recognition is placed on the back of the fuselage. PS: Continuation of glory 9 of the high-value line.
From the release of the configuration point of view, glory 9 Youth Edition is equipped with a 5.65-inch screen with a resolution of 2160 × 1080 pixels, the body thickness of 7.6mm, the whole weight of about 149g, with black, white, blue, gray four color Optional, I believe the two versions of blue and gray will be the most sold.
In addition, this new machine is equipped with a unicorn 659 processor, built-in 2900mAh capacity battery, before and after the camera is 13 million +200 million combination, there are 3GBRAM + 32GBROM and 4GBRAM + 32 / 64GBROM three versions.
As for the price we are concerned about, it is said that the 3GB version price is 1299 yuan, while the 4GB version price is 1599 yuan.

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