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Company News >> China has become the country with the most complete mobile phone industry chain in the world and will welcome the largest export market in the next five years
With the rapid development of China's smart phone manufacturing industry, China has become the country with the most complete mobile phone industry chain in the world. On the design and production of mobile phone chip, down to the most simple anti-counterfeit logo printing, China has achieved no go abroad, you can produce all the components of smart phones and retail machine complete packing list of all the machinery and materials . Smartphone industry chain, but also become the first five years, the Chinese market capital and technology are the most active trading areas.
According to the latest data released by research firm Kantar Worldpanel, as of the end of October, China's top five handset manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, Vivo and Oppo accounted for 91% of the entire market. According to the mobile phone statistics online statistics show that from the previous year, overseas markets in Africa, Russia, India and South Asia, China's mobile phone manufacturers have begun to slowly tying the international brands market share, and continue to accelerate growth the trend of.
Mobile newspaper online from 2015, with China's mobile phone manufacturers with China's handset industry chain manufacturers into the Indian market. After three years of hard work in 2015, 2016 and 2016, millet has completed the online layout of India and became the No. 1 smart phone manufacturer in India. The OPPO, VIVO, Jin Li, then in-depth physical stores, basically completed the coverage of all India's physical store sales network. At the same time, millet, OPPO, VIVO, Kim as the representative of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers, based on the Indian domestic market, actively promote the localization of the brand, but also began to Indian market as a new stronghold, to the surrounding South Asian market expansion.
After 2017, as these handset makers set up and put into operation cell phone assembly plants in India and other South Asian countries and regions, a large number of procurement of mobile phone components have also begun to be transferred from the procurement centers in China to the procurement of local factories To meet the planned schedule and inventory control under localized production, and China's handset supply chain manufacturers will also usher in a large number of export purchase orders.
In addition, due to its huge population base and its market environment and spending habits are also very similar to those in China's domestic market, the market for South Asian markets is also slowing down as the sales volume of mobile handset manufacturers in China increases. Slow formation. Similar to the era of the functional machine, in the next three to five years, whether or not the sound after-sales maintenance and security system is the key factor affecting the Chinese mobile phone manufacturers' survival in the local area will be an important link after the product quality.
Therefore, in addition to the self-built after-sales service system of handset manufacturers in China, various orders for mobile phone modules will be released to the Mainland one after another. Another huge local offline after-sale maintenance market will also enjoy the same development as the first five years of the Chinese market Opportunity, a order to meet the Chinese mobile phone brands and start-up after-sales maintenance market export orders market, will also be rapid eruption.
According to the mobile newspaper online research and found that India and South Asia market module sales purchase orders, at least twice as high as the Chinese market, almost 1 to 1.5 times the mobile phone assembly factory module purchase orders, and the more new Models, this ratio there is a higher advantage. According to the analysis of Li Xing, it is mainly the mobile phone models produced after 2016. Over the past few years, the performance of the mobile phone models such as the main chip, the memory chip, the camera module, the display and the touch module, etc. are all present. There are no new scenarios in India and South Asia to boost the market's need to drill down deeper into the performance of these core devices.
Mobile phone online forecast the next five years, will include the camera, display and touch, glass cover, battery and many other small and medium-sized mobile phone module manufacturers a critical period of transition. Due to the highly centralized Chinese mobile phone market, small and medium-sized mobile phone module manufacturers have missed the best window period of the team, it is difficult to get orders from several major mobile phone to develop. Therefore, in the next five years, these small and medium-sized mobile phone module makers will either turn to the after-sales market in China to survive or start with the overseas production bases of handset manufacturers in China and strive to make export orders for these overseas bases or further , Into the local larger aftermarket repair market, so as to achieve greater development.
In fact, the major domestic display and module companies, there are well-known companies rely on and Foxconn branded Apple's after-sales maintenance orders, become the market a higher profit winner, and Apple precisely because of China's small and medium-sized display And touch module companies to open up their after-sales maintenance products control, so that Apple's mobile phone repair system in Apple's hard-to-cover case, the social maintenance support system to help them quickly enhance the user experience of Apple mobile phones, which in the Chinese market rapidly Expansion to the market share of the critical point.
In general, China's handset manufacturers to achieve global transformation, after-sales maintenance and support system is an irrevocable link. It seems that whether it is China's large-scale mobile phone module manufacturers Ye Hao, or small and medium-sized mobile phone module manufacturers Ye Hao, from now on, how to lay the battle for overseas markets is an imminent strategic issue.

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