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Company News >> Continuous 510 hours "burn screen" test: iPhone X victory Samsung Note 8
Due to the physical characteristics, the use of OLED screen mobile phone, more or less there will be "burn screen" phenomenon, that is, a long time to display the same still picture, the screen will leave residual blur. However, some OLED screens are of better quality, and the "screen burn" effect is minimal, affecting viewing only in extreme cases.
As we all know, iPhone X OLED screen from Samsung Display. Previously, Samsung's own OLED screen mobile phone had appeared "burn screen" phenomenon, that iPhone X will also have such embarrassing?
Before the advent of the iPhone X, the Samsung Note 8 was the best phone on the world screen. Recently, Korean media Cetizen conducted a 510-hour "burn-in" test on three phones, iPhone X, Samsung Note 8 and Samsung S7 Edge. The results showed that iPhone X was more resistant to "burn screen" than Samsung Note 8 , S7 Edge is even better.
Cetizen's testers put three phones on and show the same static picture, looking at the status of the three phones from time to time. The result showed that the iPhone X did not burn until 510 hours, while Samsung Note 8, the screen of the S7 Edge, left a shame early on.
However, in daily use, we rarely encounter such a long time to display a picture of the situation, do not have to worry too much.

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