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Company News >> The “revolutionary” product in Lao Luokou Hammer Nut R1 can really change the world?
On May 15th, the Nut R1 and Nut TNT computers in Lao Luokou were officially released, which can “make people pee pants” and “50% better than both iOS and Android.” In the rainy night in Beijing, Lao Luo launched what kind of product and what he said. Let's look at the conference for a full review.
Nut R1 mobile phone
Specific to the product, the nuts continued the design of a large number of elements of the nut series, the back of the glass backplane and fingerprint recognition into the LOGO; the dual camera processing approach is similar to the current dual camera nut phone, but the lens is slightly highlighted.
The treatment of R1 at the top of the bang is the same as the “beauty tip” that Sharp insists, but the overall lens diameter is smaller; the chin is still there. In terms of details, this phone is equipped with a custom shortcut key on the left side, canceling the headset interface.
On the whole hardware, the nut R1 uses a 19:9 1080P resolution level 6.17 inch In-Cell screen and supports Force Touch pressure; the basic hardware combination is Xiaolong 845+6/8GB RAM+64/128GB ROM (8GB RAM+1T is also provided separately) ROM version); body rear camera is 1200 + 20 million pixel dual camera, front camera is 24 million pixels f2.0 aperture.
In other respects, this phone has a battery capacity of 3600 mAh, supports 18W wired fast charging and Qi wireless fast charging 10W peak power; in addition to fingerprint recognition and Face++ cooperation to support facial recognition unlock; equipped with AI noise reduction chip, linear Vibration motor, dual card dual standby.
Due to the lack of flagship equipment for many years, Lao Luo has emphasized the ability to take photos for a long time at the press conference. This seems to be an exception. Rear dual camera on the R1 equipped with a Sony IMX363 sensor, the main lens 12 million pixels; dual camera is the IMX350. On these two lenses, you can see the flagship standard of 4-axis optical image stabilization, 8-chip filter lens, and ArcSoft real-time bokeh algorithm, Almalence super resolution algorithm, TDK Invensense video stabilization algorithm, and HDR. High dynamic range adjustment and other technologies. If you remember correctly, this is exactly the same as the master lens project of the MIX 
Nut R1 phone has a variety of configurations and pricing, 6GB RAM+64GB storage version 3499 yuan, 6+128GB version 3999 yuan, 8+128GB 4499 yuan, routing a 8GB+1TB storage version, price 8848 yuan.

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