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Company News >> LGD Guangzhou OLED project will be approved to help Guangzhou's high-end manufacturing development
LG Display (LGD)'s investment plan for OLED panel factory in Guangzhou, China, is said to be approved next month. This will be a happy event for Guangzhou, which will help improve Guangzhou's high-end manufacturing industry and shorten it in first-tier cities across the country. The gap with Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.
Guangzhou's strength declines in first-tier cities
Although Guangzhou is considered to be a first-tier city, its gap with the three first-tier cities of Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen has been widening in recent decades. Beijing is China's political and economic center, Shanghai and Shenzhen are China's financial centers, Shenzhen is China's science and technology innovation center, and Guangzhou's only advantage is the limited advantages of the International Trade Center.
In terms of GDP, Beijing and Shanghai are far ahead. In 2017, the total GDP of these two cities was 2,800.04 billion yuan and 301,338 million yuan respectively. The total GDP of Guangzhou has always been ahead of Shenzhen, but in 2016. Shenzhen surpassed Guangzhou. In 2017, the GDP of Shenzhen and Guangzhou was 2,243.839 billion yuan and 20,503.15 billion yuan respectively. The year-on-year growth rate was 8% and 7% respectively. The advantage of Shenzhen leading Guangzhou is consolidating.
Faced with this situation, Guangzhou urgently needs to strengthen its economic strength and find new economic growth points, and high-end manufacturing has become an option for Guangzhou. China has become the world's largest manufacturing country. However, in recent years, China's labor costs have continued to rise, traditional manufacturing competitiveness has declined, and the transition to high-end manufacturing has become an inevitable choice. Chongqing, Chengdu, Hefei and other cities will develop high-end manufacturing. As their option, Guangzhou's choice to develop high-end manufacturing is clearly the right choice.
Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong, and Guangdong is the largest manufacturing province in the country. Dongguan was once regarded as a global manufacturing base. Guangzhou's development of high-end manufacturing industry can be called the leader of the province or even the Pearl River Delta economic circle. From this perspective, Guangzhou's development of high-end manufacturing industry has indeed helped to consolidate its economic status. According to the survey, in 2017, the proportion of the primary industry in Guangzhou was as high as 70.9%, while the ratio of the primary industry to Shenzhen was 58.6%, the proportion of the secondary industry in Shenzhen was 41.3%, and that of Guangzhou was only 28. .0%, in contrast, Guangzhou is also required to strengthen the development of the secondary industry.
LGD set up factories in Guangzhou to help the development of high-end manufacturing in Guangzhou
In recent years, Guangzhou is also obviously increasing the development of high-end manufacturing. In 2017, Foxconn started a 60 billion yuan investment in a panel factory in Guangzhou. By this time, LGD invested more than 30 billion yuan in OLED panel factories in Guangzhou. Investing in the development of high-end manufacturing.
LGD invested in Guangzhou's OLED panel factory represents the current technological development direction of TV panels. OLED TVs account for more than 51% of the world's high-end TVs. More than a dozen TV companies worldwide have aligned with LGD to adopt their OLED panels, representing OLEDs. Television began to spread in the television industry.
At present, there are two TV companies in China among the top four in the world, namely TCL and Hisense, TCL is a TV company in Guangdong, and there are many TV companies in Guangdong such as Konka and Skyworth. LGD's OLED panel factory obviously contributes to Guangzhou's development. Become an important supply base for the TV industry and become the leader of the Pearl River Delta economic circle.
OLED has been regarded as the future technological development direction of TV. LGD is the global leader in OLED panels for TV (which accounts for over 90% of the market for OLED panels for TV), and its OLED panel factory invested in Guangzhou will have great development. Opportunity; China is the world's largest TV market and has two of the world's top four TV brands and many TV brands. LGD's OLED panel factory in Guangzhou is expected to continue to expand its production capacity; LGD's OLED panel factory in Guangzhou will also drive a large number of Investment in the industrial chain.
In many respects, it can be seen that the OLED panel factory invested by LGD in Guangzhou is of great significance to Guangzhou. It plays a major role in driving the development of high-end manufacturing in Guangzhou, helping Guangzhou achieve economic transformation and competing in Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the moment. Especially in the case of intense, it has its special significance.

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