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Company News >> The closure of a factory highlights the popularity of OLEDs in the smartphone market

The collapse of Omron, a Japanese company in Suzhou, is amazing. The reflection behind this is the rapid decline of LCD panels in the smart phone industry. The beneficiaries are OLED panels, and OLEDs are rapidly gaining popularity in the smartphone industry.

OLED panels are popular in the smartphone industry

The world's top two mobile phone brands are Samsung and Apple. Samsung is also the world's largest supplier of small and medium-sized OLED panels. It has supported its small and medium-sized OLED panel business with its own mobile phone business for many years. OLED panels are used as an important selling point.

Apple, the second-largest mobile phone company, also introduced Samsung's OLED panel last year. The iPhoneX, one of the three iPhones released last September, is Apple's first smartphone with an OLED panel. Apple has a strong influence in the smart phone industry and is a leader in the smart phone industry. It has introduced OLED panels in the smart phone industry to accelerate the popularity of OLED panels in the smart phone industry.

In fact, two of China's top four mobile phones before Apple - OPPO and vivo have already adopted Samsung's OLED panel, OPPO and vivo also use OLED screen as the main selling point of their high-end mobile phones, OLED screen can display more vivid pictures, this For OPPO and vivo's main customer, young people, there is no doubt that it is very attractive. After all, self-timer is an important part of their lives for young people.

Xiaomi 8 and Xiaomi 8SE released by Xiaomi this year also adopted Samsung's OLED panel. It is said that Huawei's mate20 will use OLED panels supplied by BOE. Samsung, Apple and domestic mobile phones have used OLED panels to squeeze LCD panels. Market space.

The smart phone industry is cloudy

According to IDC, global smartphone shipments in 2017 were 1.462 billion units, down about 0.6% year-on-year. This is the first annual decline in the global smartphone market for years of continuous growth, showing global smartphones. The market seems to be welcoming the turning point.

Among the world's largest markets, the largest smartphone market, the Chinese market, experienced a 5% decline, which is considered to be the main factor leading to the decline in global smartphone shipments, and the data for the first quarter of this year shows smartphones in the Chinese market. The decline in shipments has further expanded. Data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology showed that mobile phone shipments in the Chinese market fell 34% year-on-year in the first quarter of this year, and smartphone shipments fell 27% year-on-year.

The decline in smartphone shipments has had a huge impact on the LCD panel industry

When the smartphone industry is facing a haze, OLED panels are accelerating in the industry, and the LCD panel industry under double extrusion has naturally suffered a huge negative impact. According to the survey, in the first quarter of this year, the sales of OLED panels in the global mid-to-high-end smartphone market increased by more than the range, while the LCD panel fell by 22%, highlighting the decline of the small and medium-sized LCD panel industry.

In fact, the decline of the LCD panel industry is not only in the smart phone industry, but also in the television industry. In the high-end TV market, OLED TVs accounted for more than 50% of the total for the first time in 2017. LGD, which manufactures OLED panels for TVs, plans to start production in Guangzhou, China next year to accelerate the popularization of OLED panel TVs. This is causing the overcapacity of LCD panels to intensify. As a result, the price of LCD panels has been decreasing since the second half of last year.

Omron's Suzhou plant is mainly engaged in the design, production and sales of optoelectronic devices such as LCD backlights, related parts and components, molds and tools. The decline of LCD panels in the smart phone industry has caused a major impact on it. In terms of OMRON's higher cost, it also cares about higher-margin mid- to high-end products. When LCD panels fell in the smartphone industry, it became the first company to be affected, which eventually led to the collapse of the market.

China's panel companies have also recognized the trend of OLED panels gradually replacing LCD panels. Both domestically produced two panel companies, BOE and Huaxing Optoelectronics, have been deployed on OLED panel technology. BOE's OLED panel production line has been put into production in October last year. OLED panels can be supplied to Huawei on a large scale, and BOE is also planning to build a second OLED panel. The OLED panel production line of Huaxing Optoelectronics is expected to be put into production next year.


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